Cerul din iarbă…/ The Sky in the Grass

“It is such a secret place,
the land of tears.”

Antoine de Saint-Exupéry

“A thousand laughing suns are in your eyes. A thousand crying stars in mine.”
Ahmad Shamlou

light tears


“When a stargirl cries, she sheds not tears but light.”
Jerry Spinelli, Stargirl


“If eyes are windows to the soul, then tears are heaven’s rain.”
Anthony Liccione

the sky in the grass

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    • It sounds so nice.. tears in blue, again your lovely way of capturing the.. idea of it in one amazing caption. And yet so simple. 🙂 Thank you, Francis. Yes, that fresh, earthy smell… I just love the way they appear in early spring, delicate and blue, against the green of their leaves ..and the brownish leafy ground. And to think that I took the photos with my phone.. ^_^

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        • That ..poetess in me may be „seen” by that.. wonderful poet in yourself… ^-^ Thank you, again, Francis. There are some extremely beautiful things in life that can really turn us into poets, I think. 🙂

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            • It may be less about ..knowing, and more about ..feeling, I think. 🙂 You see, your captions for example, may sound ..short and to the point, but you manage to transmit a little story, a sense of place, for instance, or a state of mind, in just a few words, which shows that you.. feel and see it, like you are connected somehow. ^o^ (this cute little ..new one looks like a bird taking flight ^^)

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              • Sure that’s a great part, but there are, those rules (I read them in a book in Spanish) about metric, number of syllables, order to rhymes and a full universe that is so far from me.
                I give you one that looks like a bird ^^:

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                • ^^ But Francis, that’s no.. universe. 😀 And if it is, it’s so full of.. rules. Of course they count, but only like.. much less than 50% ..if you ask me, at least. Anyone can „learn” those, but not anyone can say.. „horizontal blaze”, remember? Your caption for that photo in my post on June 18th, last year? In fact that’s another poem maybe I should translate, My dear Phoenix… ^-^ Okeyyy, speaking of which, now I wonder if I can flyyy… ^^ : ≧(´▽`)≦

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