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    • So.. somehow I should almost be on my wp tiptoes right now, you’ll be dreaming in blue.. 🙂 To be honest, I often wonder what the time difference is, with my readers from afar. I suppose in a way, you’re somewhere.. in my future right now, ..dear Earth spinning and revolving in space. 🙂 That can be absolutely amazing, when you come to think of it. Thank you, Dalo.


      • Just watched a great space program while preparing dinner tonight – about our solar system, then discussed our galaxy, our universe…and then the physics of a multiverse. Space is beyond comprehension compared with our little Earth, which is pretty cool when I think about it. It’s 19:30 here so I imagine around 13:30 where you are?!? 🙂

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        • One of my favorite topics too, our universe and issues related to ..quantum physics, I suppose, even though I tend to think about it as.. interesting possibilities, so to say, more than science or scientific topics, ..maybe because I tend to view things somehow intuitively, less logically or rationally, sometimes. Words and subjective.. ideas more than numbers and objective data. 🙂
          Well.. yes, it would have been 13:30 ..but before March 27. I think now, the time difference is five not six hours, because of that Daylight Saving Time change in March. So.. here it’s 5:33 pm and over there it’s.. good evening and good night! 🙂


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