Aromă de șoaptă… / Scent of a whisper


Stay is a charming word
in a friend’s vocabulary.”
― Amos Bronson Alcott, Concord Day


Peste ochii adânci cutreieră cer
se preumblă parfum de visare
perindându-se tandru lumină, mister
la braț cu duioasă culoare

Obrazul atins pulsează a cald
reflectă arzând căutarea
privirea și chipul e neted, e alb
transpare seninul și zarea

Paloare grăbită și palid răspuns
străbat prin netedă fibră
un murmur, o șoaptă, un tremur ascuns
îmbracă cotlon și firidă

Din rază de umbră venind din adânc
răsare dansând strălucire
pe ape, coline, de zbor și de gând
pe note de dor, amintire

Pentru fluturi și soare răsar fragede flori
și iarbă pentru pașii ce-așteaptă
pentru umbre pe frunte, ochi iubitori
și liniște cu aromă de șoaptă

sky is arising over deep eyes
spreading the perfume of dreams
tender and silvery, mystery flies
gently embracing the beams

her golden cheek flutters much warmth
reflecting the burn and the quest
the look on her face is fluid and white
shining of blue and unrest

abrupt pale throb and pallid reply
are crossing each soft smoothened thread
a murmur, a whisper or a hidden sigh
is wrapping her wandering tread

from shadowy rays, coming from depth,
keep rising brightness and chance
over waters and hills of flight and deep breath
on notes of longing and dance

for the sun and the butterfly, flowers shall spring
for steps, blades of grass shall arise
for dark dreamy eyes, sky bells shall ring
the scent of a whisper to pass


6 gânduri despre „Aromă de șoaptă… / Scent of a whisper

  1. It’s a great portrait in your words, of one those moments always so short…one of my most haunting moments is when the setting sun tints with a blush a face…
    „stay, just don’t just walk away…” that’s my favorite A-Ha song. Actually I always share it. ^_^
    Unforgettable sunset… I had the fortunate to see it before. Thank your for your generosity, Nicol. n.n

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    • Thank you, Francis, so beautifully said, ..a great portrait in words and ..the setting sun tinting with a blush a face… that really was one of the moments in the video that impressed and inspired me to write a stanza in the poem. : ) Also, thank you for sharing such a beautiful song and video, with its special atmosphere.. as you said, trying to capture those moments that flow and pass so quickly but that always end up staying with us, unforgettably. ^_^ You’re very welcome, Francis.

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