Urzeală diafană…/ Delicate fabric


“An eternity is any moment opened with patience.”
Noah Benshea,
Jacob the Baker: Gentle Wisdom
For a Complicated World

Fire de galben și aer de puf
străbat prin

urzeală de verde

petale de clipe
și zbor viu de soare
cu raze din zâmbet

de floare…


Fibers of yellow and air of satin
streaming through

fabric of green

petals of time
in the flight of an hour
and rays in the smile

of a flower…

Momentul în care mă arunc în culoare
cuprinde în el curcubeu
de răstimp

la fel cum din ochii privindu-mi în suflet
transpare îmbrățișare


The moment I dive into a color
embraces the rainbow
of time

the same as the eyes caressing my heart
strings of soul entwine


“There is only Love – and Stories. All else is but a shadow dream.”
Vera Nazarian, Cobweb Forest

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    • I’m very glad you like them, thank you, Dalo. 🙂 I am really happy sometimes that I can find the words to express what I feel when I look at such graceful petals and their fine colors, almost like stepping into a different dimension.. You too, Dalo, have a nice restful weekend.


        • That feeling of leaving things behind sometimes. As if time stops for a while, or we stop thinking of it, being engrossed in what we’re doing, the beauty of things.. I think nature can be so full of poetry and lyricism.. and yes, we could learn much from it. 🙂


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