Winter Quotograph… snowflakes and squirrel


snowy depth


Fulgi pictând pe tăcere, pe secunde, pe aer…


Snowflakes painting on silence, on seconds, on air…


O jucăușă rătăcită zbughind… ce viteză, ce țuști!

: ))

A wandering tail dashing… what swiftness, what hop!

cute little fellow


Secunde suspendate proaspăt, pufos
între ce va fi mâine
ce este,
ce-a fost…


Seconds suspended, fluffy and green,
between what may be,
what is,
what has been…

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    • Nature holding a breath, you said it very well, yes, slow and splendid. Thank you for the links, Francis, beautiful art on etsy (I also go there sometimes, to admire beautiful creations, feels relaxing). ^-^ On the tokyojinja blog I especially liked the Snow Falling Softly print, as for the
      snow crystals in freefall, on The Year In Pictures blog… never thought that could be. Those look like a mirage! Like stepping into another dimension. ^^

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