Spring Quotograph… and dreams



Auriul luminii dintr-un cer somnoros,
s-a trezit la culoare,
la dans vaporos,
și îmbină miracol de îmbrățișare
cu fire de verde
de vis,
și de soare


The gold from the sun in the skies, and its sleep
has awoken to color,
to delicate sweep,
entwining a miracle of graceful embrace
with sweet blades of bright,
of dream
and caress


“The mind was dreaming. The world was its dream.”
Jorge Luis Borges

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    • Thank you, Francis, indeed there is warmth and softness in those words, soothing… like the sun rays („raze de soare” ^^). And „blades” of grass… I think you’re right, perhaps „threads” would be closer to the delicate way the image sounds in Romanian, and the way the grass feels and looks. Such a fine remark, thank you, Francis. ^_^

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