Îmbrățișare petale…/ Petal embrace


“Twenty minutes seemed like an eternity,
and like no time at all.”
Jennifer Rush, Reborn


Să inspiri strălucirea

coborând într-o nuanță
doar de ea știută…

să pășești pe culoare
de zâmbet

cu ochii sclipind
a raze…

și s-alergi a lumină
și cald

din îmbrățișare petale…


To breathe in the shine

descending into a hue

to leap on the color
of smiling

with eyes sparkling
of rays…

and to journey sunk in the light
and the warmth

of petal embrace…


“If the light’s not in you, you’re in the dark.”
Marty Rubin

15 gânduri despre „Îmbrățișare petale…/ Petal embrace

  1. That color, that precise hue, is fascinating, seems to me is the first time ever I see it :0 : ), wonderful poem, Nicole, it feels like drops falling in a little waterfall, the sounds of them gently touching the rocks.

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    • I think it’s a type of fraise pink, light and very soft, I was happy I could catch it in full sun and bloom. Thank you, Francis, your description of the poem somehow made me think of water sprites prancing in the sunlight. : )

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