Surâs de galben…/ Smiling yellow


“It is the still, yellow kind of afternoon
when one is apt to get stuck in a dream
if one sits very quiet” 
― Dodie Smith


Alerg printre spirale de cuvânt
silabele ca trepte,
la tot pasul,
ca-n vis plutesc, pe aer și pământ
prin ceață rătăcind,
dorind popasul

cu fiecare gând mi se așterne zare
cu fiecare aripă mi se avântă
și-n fiecare freamăt de lumină
un murmur cald aud,

din viul auriu al strălucirii
mi se desprinde limpede
o mică stea
ca prin fereastră ea-mi îmbrățișează
tot ce transpare
dincolo de ea

culoare, umbre, ape și atingeri
apus peste oceane,
cald desen
și-aud șoptindu-mi-se tainic, ca de îngeri
surâs de galben fraged,
blând refren

(joacă de început de aprilie printre flori răzlețe de buchet de pădure, cuvinte, culori, gânduri…)


I run along deep spirals made of words
the syllables like steps,
unwinding lightly
like in a dream I float, on air and land
roaming through mist, and sighing

with every thought, horizons blue unfold
with every feeling, there rise
new wings
and every fresh and mild stir of sunshine
a soothing whisper in my ear

arising gently from the gold liveliness
there shines delightfully and sweet
a little star
and through the twilight window it embraces
thoughts that unfold shyly,
close and far

soft colors, shadows, waters and caressing touches
far-reaching sunsets… like a song,
so dear
and secretly, like angels’ tune, a murmur flies
smiling yellow, delicate
and near

(playful sunny  air at the start of April, little wild flowers, words, colors and thoughts… )


Crenguțele ornate cu puf…
Mi-au plăcut atât de mult, nu m-am putut abține, am pus aici pozele… aproape toate, cu minunea jucăușă ițindu-se vesel.


Slender branches dressed in fluff…
I loved them so much… I couldn’t help it, I added here photos… almost all that I took of the playful wonder looking so cheerful.



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    • Si eu iti multumesc pentru cuvintele frumoase, ma bucur ca am dat senzatia aceea de jucaus, galbenul chiar are darul de-a ne inveseli frumos ziua.. mai ales cand este si sub forma de stea. 🙂


    • Some lovely things can make me think and feel in nice images, sometimes unfolding in lengthy reveries giving a happy feeling, and free… flowers all the more. Skinny guys dancing the salsa of spring joy, yellow pom-poms full of cheer… ^^ I did feel that somehow, yes, but couldn’t come up with this exact cute image, Francis, thank you! n_n

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