3 gânduri despre „elfish hello’s

    • And they fluffed up their petals… happy about a nice occasion to shine magically. ^^
      Though, on the other hand, the bokeh that time… seemed to have its own bokeh, and the more whitish parts a bit rough too, as if made of concentric discs or circles looking a bit unsmooth somehow, denser not transparent, hm…


      • Those concentric discs are the manufacturing process in the mold to make the lens (it is I think like the tip of a tool polishing from the centre to the outward rim to give it the shape), my Sony R1 had strong one marks. Macro lenses, portraiture lenses and the most expensive ones are fabricated to have a kinder bokeh without the concentric lines. In times of film cameras there was another way to manufacture lenses so there was not those discs.


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