Spring Quotograph… and the gate of the garden



vom păși albastru prin iarbă
inspirând aer auriu,
vom atinge razele cu degete grăbite

și vom deschide poarta grădinii,
pășind desculți dincolo de cuvinte
îmbrăcate în zi

într-o secundă furată,
un fir de nor ne va acoperi
vom alerga portocaliu și meandre
rătăcind cărarea,
și eu voi surâde șoptindu-ți,

…întreabă soarele!


we’ll take blue steps through the grass
breathing the golden air,
we’ll touch the rays with hurried fingers 

and we’ll open the gate of the garden
treading barefoot beyond words
dressed in daylight

in a stolen second
a thread of cloud will cover
our walk,
we’ll start running orange and winding
losing our path,
and I’ll smile at you whispering,

…ask the sun!


“your smile.
is the ultimate
golden dream
all the poems
in the world
are waking up from.”
Sanober Khan

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    • Those gazanias looked heavenly in spring, ethereal in that light, made me visualize a garden I had entered unawares, the moment I stopped to take the photos. Stepping just onto rays, through the petals, suave, and the gate… closed itself somehow vanishing behind a cloud, so the only way to find the path was… how else but by looking for the sun’s smile. n.n

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