Summer Quotograph… and lavender scent



Iau adierea balsam
și-o port la mână
iar frunzele tăcând
pe un ram
le mângâi cu gânduri
de vară

Sorb culoarea din aer, lumina
topind magic
și simt aromă
de șoapte,
mireasmă de vis


I take the breeze like a balm
and wear it
as a bracelet,
ummer leaves through
the calm
caressing my skin, soft
and patient

Sipping the colorful air, the light
the mist,
a magical scent full of
fragrant around
my wrist

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    • Lavender does feel like a balm, its color, fragrance.. perhaps while arranging the post it all felt smooth and breezy to me. I loved playing with the morning summer light, I remember. Thank you, Francis, there is a deep relief every time I am able to take a sweet shot, yes, and then express the feelings in lovely words. n_n

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