Era de culoarea…/ It was the color of…


“Be uniquely you. Stand out. Shine.
Be colorful.
The world needs your prismatic soul!” 
― Amy Leigh Mercree


Era de culoarea…

…unui poem în vers alb pulsând a rimă culoare.


It was the color of…

…a poem in blank verse, pulsing with colorful rhyme.



12 gânduri despre „Era de culoarea…/ It was the color of…

    • Thank you very much, Amy, white lilies so rich… elegant and enigmatic, as if hiding color and song in their petals, tried to put it into words as best I could, poem-like. 🙂


    • It is extremely beautiful to see a delicate thing but also strong, intense but mild too, and feeling both like a simple song, soft, and like a symphony… that is how those lilies, so radiant, made me feel. And now you reminded me of a great Nightwish tune… „Greet a blade of grass, Every endless form most beautiful.” n.n

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