4 gânduri despre „finally, some shade, phew…

        • To travel by rainbow… sounds cute, Francis. And if you did, it would be lovely to see you, ending up covered in rainbow powder, or dash, prismatic and hued tiny particles on your clothes and your skin. n_n I think I would meet you halfway, to see the whole world from up there, covered in rainbow sprinkle and shine. And I would love to slide down, like the fairies did… watch this, my turn, I could do this all d..! : D To me it would also be lovely if I landed on the other side of the rainbow. Hm…radiant route to sun rays through iridescent raindrops?! 😮 (Oh dear, and this just rushed by like a breeze, hehe… your sweet eight-word comment, magical. Thank you, Francis.) /n.n’/)


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