Era de culoarea…/ It was the color of…


“Flowers enshrine my heart between their petals;
that’s why my heartbeats love them so much” 
― Munia Khan


Era de culoarea…

…unui vis cald, neclar, pe care nu-l prea înțelegi dar de care nu te poți despărți.


It was the color of…

…a warm fuzzy dream which you don’t really understand but you can’t part with either. 




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  1. Beautiful photos and beautiful words Nicole. I once read a book many years ago that described a new color ~ something that was not seen in the color spectrum, and it could only be described as a feeling. I love the quote „It was the color of…a warm fuzzy dream which you don’t really understand but you can’t part with either.” as this is a more powerful description than the sight of any color 🙂

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    • Thank you, Dalo, I’m happy you enjoyed it, especially if it reminded you of a book you once read… yes, some things in the stories we read stay with us, and suddenly resurface nicely. A color that could only be described as a feeling… this also reminded me of the way colors are seen in My Name is Red, by Orhan Pamuk (a Turkish author) which is the same lovely idea, in general, that colors can’t be understood, can only be felt. 🙂


    • O floare de foc… that is one superb image, thank you for it. I imagine such a flower… flame petals flickering through the green, giving off much glitter and shine… like a fairy field made of rubies and emeralds. Thank you for the fire flower thought, Francis. n_n

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      • In the city of my maternal grandfather, Moho, it is fame their citizens create roses of every color possible, and there is one that got a black rose. I have not seen the black one but I have seen the fire rose, it is red in its base and grows to a yellow end. They work the roses as a goldsmith the jewels ^_^

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        • That must be splendid, I’d love to see some with my own eyes… radiant roses looking unpredictably colorful. ^-^ In fact I tried to find something on the internet, Moho roses… but instead I found out about a Peruvian artist from Moho, Puno, called Aymara Guzmán (Guzmán Emilio Huanca Yanariko Aymara), painter. First I saw images on Pinterest, but not having an account, I found blogs to see paintings in posts (I love Canasto and Entre Luces). Very nice, some give the same air as in your beautiful photos, Francis. ^^ I love the light in them, the warmth, like a soft coat, comfy and snug. I’m adding here a couple too, the flowers, the people, places and details… look real but dreamy too, somehow like in a continuous golden afternoon caught in vintage kind of photos. : ) Some artists do that, yes, magical goldsmiths and gem dealers, everything they touch turns precious.

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          • I have not found neither on internet… and to me is quite hard to go there as there is family and that means forget about photos -.- I took once some Moho roses but sadly in a funeral for one of my uncles. Anything in Peru outside touristic places actually has no interest it seems for the rest of Peruvians. 🤔

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            • Oh… I imagine you could maybe take short walks, for a few photos on your own, though.. yes, it really depends. And the same here, things or places noticed and admired are just the ones a certain obvious majority show (or are made to show) interest in, being advertised or made known. 🤔 The rest… seem lost on the people passing by (nature included), and sometimes nice things, simple but all the more beautiful. 🙂

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