4 gânduri despre „silvery air

    • Of course I did, loving it too, like I was on top of the world, of life and the oceans… not just the Mediterranean.
      As for cliche, I don’t know, Francis, did you mean in photos? I, for one, never consider anything cliche, I think. Every time I see one and the same thing, I somehow notice or feel that it is different, even though just slightly, pink or yolk-yellow, orange or purple hues, clouds, shapes… Or I am different so I view it differently. Or… I am happy I see the same thing again, and again… like a refrain, the sun at the end of a day, taking a few seconds to wind down and ponder a bit too. And one other thing, when admiring the sun’s display and dance, one person may feel more detached and indifferent while that very same moment, another may experience a very nice feeling contemplating, even for a hundredth time, even be in some kind of awe about it, so… quite big difference there, for instance. Surely, we need variety and change, but the sky also offers that well, there are no two sunsets looking exactly the same. : D
      Well, here’s a pink reggae one. Or this warm one. The music in the sunset… I think I could listen to that on repeat for quite a long time. n_n


      • I think yes, but not in your case or in the case of travelers (except when they are just following a touristic route) more in the case of photographers where the photograph is more important than the place and you can notice they use the same composition and the same hour of the day to get an impressive photo, but as it is the same they tend to end like a cliche. Of course is different to an artist or somebody that loves something and makes it again and again until feel she/he has mastered the expression of its meaning. And yes, every sunset is unique ^_^
        Thank you for the songs, Nicole. : )


        • You’re welcome, Francis. n.n And to be honest, I browsed through the post after I published my answer and realized precisely this, that you referred to such cases, yes, I had forgotten that I had mentioned photographers’ moves and dance to take photos in that place up the hill at sunset. So well said again, mastering the expression of its meaning… it did put my thoughts into words exactly. Mastering, grasping… yes, like in a circle, in an embrace that seems complete only after that feeling of relief, a soothing comfort, or better said, like a spiral… sometimes some beautiful things feel like an infinite swirl. ^-^


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