4 gânduri despre „warm kitten cuteness

    • That is one dear cute thing that I wouldn’t have thought of. : )) I can imagine Orange would do that, yes, only to find a quiet place, safe, to lie cutely asleep, or a..snooze like that, for me to take its many photos in the sun, undisturbed. =^^=
      Which reminded me of kittens, the funny playfulness when they are little. I think… you remember the Aristocats. Toulouse and Berlioz, amusing little artists. n.n


      • Of course I recall the Aristocats, they are so elegant in a nice scenery nwn
        The sun is so intense, i thought so much about the intense sun in western movies, when a native would put his ear to the ground to feel if a far train is close or distant horses are running, eyes quite closed to focus in sound. 😛


        • I love the Aristocats, they always make me smile, laugh even. 😸 😺 As for the scenery, always a nice thing to see Paris as a backdrop, yes, up there on a rooftop. 😽
          Yes, I know those movies, always found it interesting how the ground could turn into… like a wireless phone, and natives quite cute when doing that, connected, which makes them look… like they can read or feel some code that is a mystery to others. 😊


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