Cute Quotograph… transformation and progress



Devenind, înnoind,

descuind nuanțe

prefăcând din secunde

aripi zâmbete


Turning out, becoming,

spinning tinges

rushing into each second

winged smile
from frown


For this week’s themes on

Dutch Goes the Photo blog, Tuesday Photo Challenge – Progress  and

The Daily Post’s Photo Challenge – Transformation.


Un sfărșit de noiembrie minunat!


Wonderful end of November days!



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    • That is really what the brief lines were, the moment I wrote them, like a short break to me too, you noticed well, Francis, though I wasn’t aware then, like an interval taken from focusing on such photos… wondrous to me, hypnotic. Challenging moments, like… beyond the usual, because gazing at images like these leaves me half absorbed, like a bit sunk into a luminous dimension, sucked in by some unexpected beauty, hazy details… the adorableness. Thank you kindly, dear Francis. ^_^


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