6 gânduri despre „still green autumn brightness

    • nwn What can I say, I like the tint..less image so very much, I mean… it is what my eyes saw, oh dear, I should reset my visual memory somehow, hm. And the boules the neige tree, the same, as in reality. Thank you, Francis, it is splendid, I should replace it in my post, but if I do, these very comments would vanish, I think. Anyway, I’ve uploaded it and posting it here, in all its gorgeous golden glow and warmth. /n.n/ And I’m renaming it… „golden green autumn brightness, and smile”. ^_^


    • Yes, your mind’s eye does compensate it beautifully, to me… a bit of a mystery how, quite an admirable thing, your mind, in perfect tune with nature and natural light. I’m very grateful to you for your suggestions. n.n


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