Cute Quotograph… and bright airy ascent



Cădere în sus, avântare, uitare…

Parisul e o ghicitoare
cu răspunsuri vii luminând la tot pasul

E un gând și un zâmbet,


e treaptă
în cer

ce scrie
pe aer
design mirific

desen minunat



Falling upwards, ascending, forgetting…

Paris is a fine riddle 
with answers stirring at every bright step

It is a thought and a smile,
a poem,

a destiny?

it is steps
in the sky

on air
marvelous drawing

mirific design


“He who contemplates the depths of Paris is seized with vertigo.
Nothing is more fantastic. Nothing is more tragic.
Nothing is more sublime.”
― Victor Hugo


“To breathe the air of Paris preserves the soul.”
― Victor Hugo, Les Misérables


Plimbare – zbor luminos, cu Turnul Eiffel coborând din vara 2015 să deseneze prin aer de iarnă 2017, pentru provocarea cu aripi și avânt de pe WordPress Daily Post de săptămâna aceasta.


Bright flight today, with the Eiffel Tower photos descending gently from summer 2015 to draw magic and shine through winter 2017 air, for the nice theme on the WordPress Daily Post, Weekly Photo Challenge – Ascend.


Va urma…



To be continued…


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    • Makes me happy you do, thank you. Oh… then I do hope there will be a next time, maybe a trip to visit France, or just Paris. Anyway, I here can say that there will be a couple of more such posts, and perhaps Disneyland too, hoping you will find those enjoyable as well. 🙂

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    • Crede-mă că nici eu, dar când am găsit citatul… mi s-a lipit de suflet, este exact impresia pe care mi-o dă și mie turnul. Da, sunt multe fotografii, le-am admirat la tine, îmi amintesc. 🙂 Voi încerca să mai postez câteva episoade, e păcat să nu mă mai joc puțin cu ele, sunt prea frumoase.

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    • You’re welcome, Francis, I’m happy you enjoyed it. And yes, it does inspire a warm dreamy love, everything in Paris does, the trees along the pavements, the benches, buildings, terrace bars and cafes, street restaurants… that air seems to have a special „je ne sais quoi”, feels more like waltzing than walking. ^^ I wish I could visit in early spring or late autumn, it must be different, even on Christmas, on Champs-Élysées… in photos and short films it looks like from a dream. Here is a video that I like, the lights, everything… like on a large film set, and people, children merely happy players. n_n

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