Perfecțiune… prietenoasă?/ Picture-perfect pet


“Dogs do speak,
but only to those who know how to listen.”
― Orhan Pamuk, My Name is Red


Vi-l mai amintiți pe Turuz?

Fotogenicul prin definiție, „zâmbitorul” de serviciu sau… visătorul de orice sezon? Fie vară, fie iarnă, mereu mă surprinde din câte o fotografie… brusc, privire pierdută, ochii înotând în peisaj, contemplând parcă ziua.

Unul din acele momente.



Meet Turuz.

Picture-perfect by definition, „smiling” as if on duty or… looking a bit dreamy whatever the season? Summer or winter, I always happen to come across a photo or two of him from which… suddenly, lost glance, or gaze, eyes as if swimming…  one with into the scenery, somehow contemplating the day. 

One of those moments.


Pufos de iulie… puțin pe aici prin decembrie, pentru provocare cu prieteni pufoși, marțea aceasta.



And all… a bit puffed and fluffed, from July momens into December… days, 

…for Tuesday Photo Challenge – Pets, on Dutch goes the Photo! blog




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    • Sometimes, seeing his eyes feels like he senses and understands more than I do somehow, from what goes on around, beyond the noticeable, which adds to his cuteness because he just seems to go on with his sweet playfulness, wagging his fluffy tail. ^^

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