Înger de mușcată…/ Geranium angel


“I know because an angel told me.”
Jessica Shirvington, Embrace


Boboc de surâs,
din petale de frig
atingând dimineața

prin verdele strâns,
tulpină de zi
sărutând magic viața…


Smiling in a burst
from petals of coldness
brushing the morning

through greenness and thirst,
thin stems of day
kissing the dawning…


Mă bucur să vă revăd! Vă doresc un martie plin de frumos!


I am glad to see you again! Wishing you a nice happy March!


16 gânduri despre „Înger de mușcată…/ Geranium angel

    • Your idea, Francis, reminded me of that phrase … an iron fist in a velvet glove, which made me think of a plant being so soft, but also strong and resistant. : ) And I watched a few photos and videos about geraniums, noticed some here with thicker leaves too, so I think it can depend on how vigorous the plant grows, I saw the ones with more and bigger flowers the same type as mine, but with many more leaves and much thicker. Ok, this week I’l take my potted geranium out on the balcony in the warm April sun. ^_^

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