6 gânduri despre „near farness

    • The Montparnasse Tower, yes, and seen from the Eiffel Tower, it does stand there somehow both imposingly and looking lost. I took photos of it from right across the street too. 🙂 I’m sure that photo here will look… huuuge. ^_^ Also, I love the way it looks by night.


      • „And she was perfect, with legs long as life itself” I recalled that phrase in noir stories when the detective would met the female customer : )
        It has to be expensive to clean the windows. In Peru my favorite tower is one made by the Austrian architect Hans Hollein, the Interbank building http://prntscr.com/j99wbi http://prntscr.com/j99wya it has lights that change of shape and as the building has an inclined shape it looks at night light a sculpture made just of changing light, lines traveling toward the base to the sky.


        • : ) Thank you for the screenshots, Francis, looks elegant, the Interbank building. Shooting stars, the colorful traveling lights, you’re right. Wonderful feeling, for you to know how such a building rises, lives and breathes in its structure. n_n I love such structures that are a bit lacking in symmetry too, makes me look for other elements that make it what it is, an inner harmony they may have.
          As for the windows, that is a funny thought a bit, and I suppose they have that covered quite well, those buildings always look so shiny and perfect in spite of no visible… window-cleaning action going on up there . : ))


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