7 gânduri despre „pouring with pink rays

    • ^^ And the pink petal sprites shone away in all their beauty and grace… the king Sun could not but beam down on all the satiny spectacle swaying in the summer breeze. n_n
      Your words, Francis, often remind me of lovely images that stay with me from youtube videos that I sometimes listen too. Here’s the one that this nice comment brought to mind, usually it takes a funny while for me to find them because I remember the image so well but not the exact title of the tune. ^_^


        • You’re welcome, Francis. And that is interesting, must be an application, I suppose. Or perhaps a whole program, if it is a course. I imagine some photos would feel lovely, to see against a soft musical background. n_n


          • Oh no, in this case it was a human teacher telling to students awake and link with the sounds of music images of their imagination. I was seeing time ago a program with an Argentinian host in a Peruvian program and he mentioned that, for example the specific tone of harp played in a classical song would lure his imagination and he would think about nymphs running with bare feet a meadow.


            • That is beautiful, like in that lovely idea.. „I wish life had a musical background.” n_n I found this video, Francis, sounded soothing and playful, and I remembered the Sânziene night at the end of June too, their dance in the fields. : )
              And about photos, you know, there are those After Effects, I think they are called, so nice to apply to an image. I watched a few tutorials about the parallax effect and various slide animations, for instance, they all seem a lovely thing to see played on a photo. For the almost 3D effect, I understood it’s a still photo in which two layers are separated and then moved against each other, quite interesting, in Photoshop. I liked this, with flowers, and a butterfly, well, a moth. ^-^ And this one too, it’s beautiful… and so on, quite many out there, all splendid. : ))


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