6 gânduri despre „sweet dear embroidery… best of hugs

    • Yesterday evening I looked for another nice photo of branches for you here but couldn’t find it, so many photos, well… but today I did. : ) Those branches really looked like a musical score playing a pink puffy tune. 😊


        • Happy and cheerful indeed, but… I think not as happy as me when I read: „a kind of smile opening in the blue inside”, „net of flowers”… so nice. ^^
          Well, Francis, why am I almost thinking of asking if I can „hire” you? Your creative genius, for a position of… splendid imagery delivery, and artistic devices. For… doar nicole?! Feels like a secretary speaking now, what can I say. ^-^/ Though a bit also feels like you have already accepted somehow, somewhere… 😊😊 😂


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