8 gânduri despre „give me your hand… :)

    • And… one more little thing here, in the bud on the right side of this photo, I just loved how those little spots of fiber or hairs looked like tiny beads gravitating around the stem, along the pedicle, not on it really. Felt filmy and vaporous to see that, sweet unexpected detail. : )


        • Or… sweet tiny kisses on air. ^.^
          You know, Francis, I came across something so very cute on youtube, and… speaking of drawing and pencils and dear sweet artists, I’m adding the links here for you, Part 1 and 2, made me smile, loved it a lot! o_O 😊😊


            • How beautiful it is, thank you for the link, Francis. ^-^ Lovely hues, blue and purple, and the thoroughness, details layer on layer… amazing talent. I watched some others too and loved this one, nice how the colors intermingle softly. And it reminds me of the art in some youtube music videos too. 😊
              The Fibonacci sequence, yes, I also read it can appear under many forms, the ones you sent are funny and… seem to make sense too. : )) Honestly, I looked for a short nice video about this maybe to add to a challenge post with the theme Ring, but then I changed my mind. : )
              Oh.. and a strange thing was that I found your comments in unexpected places, Francis, hm… this one was waiting in moderation, but on my phone that was not obvious, only on the blog, and the other one was in the Spam folder, and I only saw it here too, not in the mail.. : \ I retrieved them from there, rescued them safe and sound, hopefully this will no longer be the case again. n_n/


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