Paradisul ce este…/ Paradise is…



Ce e un vis, o dorință?
O promisiune, un dor?
Ce este focul din inimă
ce freamătă-n fibră

Ce este-a minții
și-n suflet senin mângâiere?
Dacă a vieții trăire
e doar pe obraz


Zilele zboară mereu,
zorii mereu strălucesc
sunând clopot de clipe,
refren peste ritmul

Când vesel sau trist,
sau nesigur
izbesc în minute ca-n maluri,
din mări și adâncuri de rai
străbat mirifice


Râvnind mai cald, mai departe,
în zări promițătoare,
un mâine cu stele de aur
din jar și din

Răzbind, cârmind
gata s-aștearnă poveste,
topind orizontul în inimă

paradisul ce este…


What is a promise, a dream?
What is a hope or desire?
What is a heart’s burning flame
setting all senses
on fire?

What is the mind’s
and which is the soul’s sweet ease?
What if the life’s sole purpose
is being caressed by

the breeze…

Days always reach for remoteness,
dawns always shine so divine
casting far chime over moments,
driving refrain and
new rhyme

When frowns or smiles,
or doubts
orbit each minute’s deep beats,
deeper yet heavenly rays
pierce from across

bluer seas…

Longing for further, for warmer
yearning for promising skies,
golden triumphant tomorrows
beyond strained sinews
and eyes

Ploughing and steering
ready to fall to your knees,
holding horizons at heart
feeling what

paradise is…


O temă uimitoare săptămâna aceasta,


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    • Rozul și verdele mereu fac echipă de neprețuit, așa este, cum ar putea zânele inspirației să rămână neîmbunate de atâta superb? 🙂 Bobocii aceia perfecți… și staminele portocalii, adevărată terapie prin culoare și frumos, cât fac pozele și le foiesc puțin. Parfumul crinilor e un pic cam puternic doar, dar în rest… dărnicie, bucuie. 🙂 Mulțumesc mult, o zi frumoasă!

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      • You know some people are really lazy in this regard leaving comments in Flamish on my blog what I do not understand and regard as quite ignorant. English is only a traffic language for me and not my favourite foreign language what would be French or Italian. Nice weekend @ Ulli

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        • Yes, though to be honest I appreciate comments in any language, as long as they refer to the images or lines that I post. With a language I do not understand at all, like Dutch or such, I use Google Translate or Context Reverso sometimes, and then I answer in English, yes, the language of communication in general. To me that is much fun, I love languages. Also I think some bloggers sometimes really want to share what they feel, and perhaps they cannot do that in English too easily, exactly. As for French and Italian, I understand them quite well, although in order to give a nice good answer in the same language I would have to check several details a bit more before clicking Publish. 🙂 Thank you, and nice to meet you, nice week ahead!


    • Thank you very much, Jane. I really took this as a double challenge, Promise, but also trying to render the beauty of the amazing lily buds. I just loved that light green strip of fiber along the pink petals. 🙂

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