Cute Quotograph… and geranium moments



În inima timpului
este lumină…

e liniște,
mirare senină

zile zboară
minute coboară…

vârsta vremii,

nuanța clipelor
rază divină


At the heart of time
there is light…

there is silence,
clear sight

days go by
minutes die…

aeons age,
petals’ flight

moments’ colors
rays beyond bright…


Provocare… trecătoare, săptămâna asta,


Thought-provoking challenge this week on Dutch goes the Photo! 

Tuesday Photo Challenge, Week 113 – Age






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    • Thank you, they are sweet little flowers, and their color… a special kind of red somehow, I wish I knew the name of that lovely hue. 🙂 Or maybe it’s the texture of the petals and the way light shines through, making it look more delicate and silky.


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