Reflexii, reflecții…/ Lens-Artists Photo Challenge #25: Reflections


“A lake is a landscape’s most beautiful and expressive feature.
It is Earth’s eye; looking into which the beholder
measures the depth of his own nature.”
― Henry David Thoreau, Walden


Septembrie verde trecând peste ape,
reflexii și-albastre plutiri
la nord de secunde,
la sud de ființă
în nuanțe
din albe

apus, dimineață
rotire susur aproape
de vară trecută prin iarnă,
primăveri clipind peste ape…


A green September over the weather,
reflections and timid white flow,
to the north of blue seconds,
from the south of desire
through hues


and seasons,
evenings and mornings
spinning whispers together
of summer through winter serene, 
and spring rippling over the weather…


„We cannot see
our reflection in
running water.

It is only
in still water
that we can see.”

Zen proverb



Inspired by

Lens-Artists Weekly Photo Challenge #25: Reflections


Nic¯\_(ツ)_/¯le   😊




15 gânduri despre „Reflexii, reflecții…/ Lens-Artists Photo Challenge #25: Reflections

    • Mă bucur că a sclipit și până la tine, mulțumesc!
      Oh.. dar eu cochetez cam des cu versuri oglindite, răsucite cumva, ultima oară oarecum vălurite parc-au fost, sau chiar niște raze, la o postare cu și despre lumină. Da, ne place să ne jucăm și cu forma, e plăcut când reflectă conținutul puțin. 🙂
      La fel, zile bune de sfârșit de 2018!

      (vezi… ți-am și răspuns oglindit 😊 )

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  1. I still remember the word „apus” I see in google translator is sunset but in your poem (of course I know it cannot be literal but to transmit the music of the original) is evenings. Plenty mirrors of sky, thank you, Nicole.

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    • You’re welcome, Francis, thank you too. 🙂 Yes, something in me picked „apus” and not „seri” (and „evenings” not „sunset”, I don’t remember which was first) precisely because it sounded more musical, and a bit more intense that way in both languages. Maybe my ear tackles, trying to render the thought, its breadth and depth. And what I do remember is the image in my head, of time flowing… like in those fast forward videos over waters, clouds, like seeing the day in time lapse from morning brightness to evenings’ gold and then dimness.

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