3 gânduri despre „Orange sleepiness

    • Orange..jew! 😀 This is a bit funny to me, as in Romanian, if I take the word „orange” and I use it with a definite article, it would be „orange-ul”, and for short and a bit colloquial would be.. oringiu’. Which sounds in English like Orange-jew. //*x*\\ 😊
      I read a bit about the Wailing Wall this evening, or the Western Wall, in Jerusalem… well, seems a lot of information, a bit mixed up too, like it has gone through a lot of history and details. I was familiar with it a little from documentaries and movies, about the pieces of paper they leave in the wall, and their murmuring and moving when they pray, interesting ritual, feels strong for them.
      And very nice association, Francis, and cute, perfect, I would say. Thank you. n.n


      • Orange jew, orangiu xD The Wailing Wall has a long story and I am sure I read a bit of it much time ago but, as you have seen, it has many details! I only think in it as a mandatory place for Jewish population to pray with their orthodox clothes and their heads ceremoniously next to i.


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