Aspru, neted, pufos, mătăsos…/ CFFC – Texture


“Each moment has different flavor,
different beauty
and different texture.”
― Amit Ray


Patinăm continuu pe o suprafață pavată cu zile, momente, atingeri…

…la modul aspru, rugos



We skate continuously over a surface paved with days, moments, touches…

…sometimes rough or course texture


sau neted și lin, ni se-ntind clipele, gândurile, urzeala…


others smooth and level, flowing seconds, thoughts, fabric…


iar noi, mereu sperând moale, mătăsos…


and we, always longing for softness, silkiness…


Cât mai pufos și mai catifelat.



As fluffy and velvety as can be.  


Textures for

Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge – Texture on Cee’s Photography blog 






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    • Yes, thank you, Tom. 🙂 Winter photos, precisely, taken at the beginning of February in the house I grew up in, that room is like a mansard addition to the house. It resembles a mountain cabin too, I love the sense of place there, especially around sunset hour when everything looks and feels golden.


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