Regat…/ Kingdom


“There is
By my leaning over the precipice
Of your presence and your absence in hopeless fusion
My finding the secret
Of loving you
Always for the first time”
― André Breton


Ne suntem unul altuia regat
de soare zâmbind zării curcubee,
cu raze întinzând cărare lunii
și galbenă albastră odisee…

Ne suntem și destin și căutare,
balanță măsurând prin ceruri ceasuri,
curând-uri strălucind a alinare
sau clipe înverzind popasuri

Baladele și dorurile toate
ne suntem, imn cu vers divin de nouri,
bucata mea de rai și miez de noapte
le-mpart cu tine, respirând ecouri

Castel de umbre îmbrăcat în șoapte
de gând și devenire, locuim,
cu porți oglinzi de stele miazănoapte,
cărare și-adăpost de pas străin

Odăile ascund miracole aprinse
ca nestematele bogate în culori,
sclipind aievea ca ferestrele atinse
de raze coborâte dinspre sori

Grădini și pajiști ne îmbie moale,
petală și polen curat ne suntem,
în nuanțe pur balsamice, regale,
iar orice fir de iarbă, dulce cântec

Ne suntem întâmplare și tain
cernând cu grijă dimineți și seară,
curbând coloana timpului hain,
hrănindu-ne cu ierni și primăvară…

La orizont tărâmul ni se-atinge
cu infinitul cald, al tău și-al meu,
căci firmamentul rege se răsfrânge
ținut în suflet limpede mereu


We radiate a kingdom off each other
of sun that smiles rainbows to the sea,
with rays that lay warm alleys to the moon
a blue and yellow ever winding odyssey…

We are both fate and longing to each other,
a scales that weighs long hours in the skies,
soon-coming moments that shimmer rather
than older seconds that just wear a new guise

The ballads and the chants are all our flight,
each other’s hymn in hazy verse and rhyme,
my piece of heaven and my dream at night
I share them with you, breathing their chime

A castle made of shadows clad in sighs,
whispers of thought and soft becoming, where we live,
with gates like mirrors shining northern skies,
a path and shelter to a stranger, that we give

The rooms hide burning miracles inside,
like gems so rich in colorful deep shades,
sparkling so fine like small unfastened windows
touched softly by forgotten rays

Gardens and meadows lure us far away,
petal and pollen are we, so homely, to each other
in purely balsamic hues and royal sway
and every blade of grass feels like a brother 

We are each other’s kingly chance and cheer
sifting with care dear mornings, tender nights,
warping time’s spine sublime, without fear,
feasting on pure winter and spring whites…

On the horizon our realm touches smoothly
a warm infinity, so yours and so mine,
as skylines nobly echo beyond doubt
a land kept close and holy like a shrine





14 gânduri despre „Regat…/ Kingdom

  1. A lovely read Nicole. A good tune to write this comment to as well. I have a couple of favourite lines –
    „A castle made of shadows clad in sighs,
    whispers of thought and soft becoming”


    „The rooms hide burning miracles inside,
    like gems so rich in colorful deep shades,”

    Does the translation work well? Which language do you originally write in?
    Also love the flowers and butterfly 🙂

    Apreciat de 1 persoană

    • Thank you very much, Brian, happy you enjoyed it. Yes, translating is my favorite part, and I usually write in Romanian first, though it also depends on what language the original image or thought comes in, the one I usually jot down in my diary or so. But what I find quite challenging and really pleasant is keeping the exact same imagery in both languages (simply because it conveys what I initially felt or had in my mind’s eye), and then combining it all in the same rhyme scheme. What can I say, I find it all very enjoyable, thank you for asking. 🙂 Obviously I love words, and almost as much as I love taking beautiful photos. : )

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        • Happy you read the Romanian version too, Brian, and I’m sure the pronunciation you imagine is not completely wrong. 😀 The sound or accent would be a bit special, surely, but Romanian is a phonetic language, every letter is really… what it is (with just a few exceptions, some letters with diacritic marks and certain letter groups). It reads and sounds a bit like Italian, in fact. 😊
          For instance, „mi piace molto” is „îmi place mult”, or… „le lingue straniere” is „limbile străine”, so a bit you can see the resemblance. ( Oh… and letter „ă” is pronounced just like „a” in English, the indefinite article, that is.) : ))


    • Mulțumesc, ce cuvinte frumoase! Da, o lume aparte care-mi coboară uneori în cuvinte și imagini, mă bucur și eu mult când reușesc să le dau o formă care simt că li se potrivește cât mai bine.

      Apreciat de 2 persoane

    • Thank you very much, Francis. 😊 Sometimes the feelings or thoughts that we may have can give that sensation of epicness inside our soul and heart, imagination, dreams… moments in which I try to express it as much as possible. Through rhyming words, warm images and beautiful music. Thank you, once again.

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