Clipe roz paradis…/ Pure pink paradise


“There are just moments when you look up from any one place and realize,
suddenly, you have no idea how you got there.”
― Sarah Dessen, The Moon and More


Când culoarea se-așterne
pe suspin și tăcere,
iar petalele scutură
praf de soare și vis,
strălucirea divină
din senin și-adiere
îmi așează în suflet
clipe roz paradis…


When sweet color envelops
cloudy sighs and the silence,
and the petals keep spraying
dust of sunny dream highs,
tender brightness divine
from the skies and the breeze
permeates through my soul
pure pink paradise…



Urme, umbre, alei…


Steps and shade, and the alleys…




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    • Thank you, Brian. 🙂 I hadn’t been in that part of the park for a couple of years now, and a week ago when I saw the pink wonder against the green suddenly… so fluffy and cute, lucky sunny day! 😊

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