Freamăt…/ Rustle


“Once I blazed across the sky,
Leaving trails of flame;
I fell to earth, and here I lie –
Who’ll help me up again?
-A Shooting Star”
― Johann Wolfgang von Goethe


Sclipire infinită mi-ai trimis,
cu raze de lumină sidefie
pe umbre și alegeri ai rescris
…îmbrăcată-n poezie

Printre petale culegând lumina
ai strecurat și zâmbet și tăcere,
mireasma gândurilor calde, freamăt
…a vis și mlădiere

Din zări aprinse, străbătând secunde
covor de aștri mi-ai întins departe,
culoar împodobit cu anotimpuri
și ardere
…gonind prin noapte

Și am ajuns, prin pulbere și rece,
ca freamătul să-mi semene a vers,
iar strălucirea ta, destin și flacără,
…întregul univers

Când scapără cuvintele și clipele
a amintire, frământând speranță,
plutirea albă-mi desenează aripi
…întregul cosmos în balanță


An infinite soft shimmer, warm, you sent me,
with pearly sun rays shining beyond time
on shadows and old choices you rewrote
a story
… sweetly dressed in pure rhyme

Among silk petals ruminating light
you poured smiles and poetic sigh,
the scent of pure thought, a tender rustle
taking my heart
…adream and mountain high

From burning highs, across abandoned seconds,
a starry carpet you unfolded bright,
a lovely alley interweaving seasons
and flames,
…consuming fire in the night

And so, through dusty trails of blazing stars,
the rustle has become deep pulsing verse,
and your keen glow, just destiny and warmth
has outdone
…the whole universe

When words and moments shine afar delightfully
like memories’ unwinding tales,
my flight keeps drawing miracle white wings
that weigh
…the whole cosmos on a scales





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    • I am very happy you enjoyed it, Francis, and that you saw in some way beyond the nature imagery. ^_^ I am sharing with you here a link to a wonderful translation of a poem that you reminded me of, your nice words. It is „Scrisoarea I” by Mihai Eminescu, our national poet, a poem that I’ve always felt incredibly rich, very beautiful. Every time I read it… still feels like a melody, of the stars and skies and everything there is, was and will be.
      Here is the part that your comment made me remember. I hope you enjoy it. 🙂

      „To the very first, when being and non-being were nought still,
      When there was but utter absence of both life-impulse and will,
      When unopen there was nothing, although everything was hidden,’
      When, by His own self pervaded, resting lay the Allforbidden.
      Was it an abyss? a chasm? wat’ry plains without an end?
      There was no estate of wisdom, nor a mind to comprehend.
      For the darkness was as solid as is still the shadows’ ocean,
      And no eyes, had there been any, could have formed of it a notion.
      Of the unmade things the shadows had not yet begun to gleam
      And, with its own self-contented, peace eternal reigned supreme.
      Suddenly, a dot starts moving – the primeval, lonely Other…
      It becomes the father potent, of the void it makes the mother.
      Weaker than a drop of water, this small dot that moves and bounds
      Is the unrestricted ruler of the world’s unbounded bounds.
      Ever since the vasty dimness has been splitting slice by slice,
      Ever since come into being earth, sun, moon, light, heat, and ice.
      Ever since up to the present gallaxies of planets lost
      Follow up mysterious courses, chaos-bred and chaos-tossed,
      And in endlessness begotten, endless swarms of light are thronging
      Towards life, for ever driven by an infinite of longing;”

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        • You’re welcome, Francis, the posted verse, that I wrote and translated, did not require effort at all, because I really love doing that quite much. As for the fragment added in my reply to your comment, that is a translation of Eminescu belonging to Leon Levițchi, very accurate to the original. I am happy you enjoyed them, thank you too. 🙂

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