Ferestre lumină…/ Lens-Artists Photo Challenge #79: A Window With A View



Ferestre cu senin de departe
zvâcnind aievea pe raze de liniște,
lumină și nori
deschizând o lume caldă,
un dor,

și gânduri ca frunzele,
muguri de aproape,
de cuvânt
căutându-și o zare…

un glas


A window of sweet blue serenity
throbbing so true along rays of tranquility,
light and soft clouds
opening a warm world,
a belonging,

and thoughts like the leaves,
buds of delight,
of star words
looking for a horizon…

a voice


„Looking out the window,
I see you looking in.
You are the sunshine,
That fills my soul.”
― Giorge Leedy


Fotografiile au fost făcute în anul 2017, la geamul mansardei din casa în care am copilărit, și în Barcelona, Spania, în aceeași vară, în superbul parc Guell, creația arhitectului modernist Antoni Gaudi.

După o pauză de aproape un an, cu această postare sper să reiau contrinuția mea la provocarea săptămânală


The photos were all taken in the year 2017, in the loft of the house I grew up in, looking up through the skylight and out of the window, and also in Barcelona, Spain, the same summer, in the wonderful Park Guell, created by the modernist architect Antoni Gaudi.

After a one-year break, hopefully, this post is resuming my contribution to

Lens-Artists Photo Challenge

Thank you, Amy, for the nice topic this week, #79: A Window With A View.




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  1. My limited time to read your blog have the bless to not feel the break time you take, Nicole. Lovely windows and peaceful selfie, cats see through windows in that way, as if they were abstracted in thoughts inside while seeing outside : )

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    • In that loft, it always feels like that, contemplating nature… and that feeling of deep longing for soft beautiful things, childhood but not only, life, meanings… the essence of things. Thank you, Francis, for your wonderful comments, most of them make me understand better why I feel like writing, expressing some things, words and photos. 🙂

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