Trist și culoare…/ Soft sadness


“An autumn garden has a sadness when the sun is not shining…”
― Francis Brett Young, Cold Harbour


Cu degete de stele,
ating clipele,
le mângâi șoaptele
ascunse prin trecere
și le zâmbesc

cu gândul la departele
care-mi este


With stars’ fingers,
I touch the seconds,
I caress their whispers
hidden in the flow
and I smile at them

my thoughts taken with
the farness there is


Cu zâmbet de lună,
surâd ramurilor,
și le întreb,
unde este primăvara acum?
apoi șterg o lacrimă

întârziată pe-o frunză
de octombrie


With moon’s smile
I gaze at the branches
and I ask them,
where is spring now?
then I wipe a tear

lingering on a leaf’s
October cheek


Din gânduri mătase de cer,
cobor albastrul în zi
și-mi îmbrac pasul
în puțin roz rătăcit
în petale…

suspendate atemporal
între lumi


From thoughts like silk from the sky,
I pull down some blue in my day
and I color my step
in a little bit of pink lost
in small petals…

suspended timelessly,
caught between worlds


Din ruginiul strecurându-se
culeg cărare să o aștern
din flori de azi și de ieri…

de dincolo de
trist și culoare


From the rust trickling in,
utterly raw,
I pick a path to unfold
for teary time,
made of yesterday’s flowers…

from beyond sheer
soft sadness





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  2. Your photos, your words, and then your selection of music ~ brings all of the bits of melancholy autumn has, dreaming both of days gone by… Your second photo is positioned perfectly, a feeling the opposite of spring with your words a bit later: „… lingering on a leaf’s October cheek…” Beautiful.

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    • Thank you, Dalo, I’m glad you noticed the cute raindrops on the rose leaf, and that I arranged that photo.. somehow poetically strategically there too. 🙂 Happy you found it beautiful, autumn does have that side to it, lovely but in a deeply pensive way. Perhaps preparing us for winter’s reclusiveness and more somber air.


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