Culoare cărare…/ Color flutter


“Every time you name yourself, you name someone else.”
― Bertolt Brecht


Când stelele-ți surâd a tine
și a soartă,
a căutare vie
din colț
de asfințit,
tu uită-te la mute
răsfrângeri în oglinda
în care dimineața,
s-a topit

Din ape-ndepărtate, cu nuanțe
în privire,
blând vântul te ascultă
și-ți unduie
doar tu să-ți lepezi umbra
din freamăte de noapte
și inspirând sclipire
să luminezi


When starry skies start smiling at you
and fuzzy fate,
of burning search from corners 
of sunrise
and sundown,
you look at muted echoes,
reflections in the mirror
in which inspired mornings
have cleared off your

From waters far away, with hues
in their eyes,
the mild wind still listens
and sends to you its
for you to shed your shadow
from nights’ surreal darkness
and breezily to shine,
to softly light your





7 gânduri despre „Culoare cărare…/ Color flutter

  1. You bring a great breathe of springtime right now with this post 🙂 Just the perfect feeling one should have at the start of the holiday season. Wonderful poem, Nicole, and especially the stanzas: „you look at muted echoes, reflections in the mirror, in which inspired mornings, have cleared off your frown” This is what your post does 🙂

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    • Yes, that is quite right, and when it doesn’t… that light is perhaps taking a short rest, I choose to think. I would have said… charging, but the sound of it is a bit too technical for my purpose here. ^^ And quite a lovely time it is… when it is. As it most probably is the big old universe simply rejoicing within us… makes our soul happily burst at the seams almost (maybe like the cute colored patches on the flowerpots in my photos) : )

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