Aprilie-n mai…/ But April May




„Ați simțit vreodată aer de februarie-n martie?”
„Poate da, dar aer de aprilie-n mai… nu neapărat.”



„Does February March?”
„No, but April May.”

… they say.


Ei bine, nu știu cum se face, dar minunea de mai cu aer de aprilie de anul ăsta e ceva nou pentru mine.

După magnolii și flori de cireș ițite roz prin mijloc și final de aprilie, decorul natural de mai devenea brusc alb. De flori de salcâm, boulles-de-neige și voalul miresei, lumânări de castan și buchete de soc, lăcrămioare, tei…



Well, I’m not sure what this year has in its monthly mind, but this May looking and feeling more like April is something new to me.

After the pink in magnolias and cherry blooms in the middle and the end of April, nature suddenly used to turn white, bursting in all kinds of pure or cream white flowers, blossoms or shrubs, even the linden trees…


Dar acest mai mirabolant pare că preferă un covor galben de păpădii, pe lângă răzgândirile cald-rece-soare-răcoare-… schimbare fără sfârșit…



But this mesmerizing May seems to be carpeted in the yellow of dandelions more than ever before. Besides the endlessly changy weather…


Și pe pânza de raze, dincolo de micismele zilelor, magnoliile sporovăiesc și ele în neștire, pastelat sidefat nuanțat…



And beautifully beyond the days’ petty things… the magnolias never stop chatting in their pretty pastel purple hues..






8 gânduri despre „Aprilie-n mai…/ But April May

    • You are welcome! That is interesting, first time I hear, a flower wine – its bouquet must have been… rich in April and May 😀 Thank you too, I’m glad my yellow-carpeted stroll brought about another stroll, down memory lane too for you. 🙂

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  1. The humble dandelion! We have a wonderful crop in the field next to our house. They will have cows in the field in the summer so it is not mowed. They are in full bloom and such a nice bright yellow. We’ve had a lot of cool weather and rain so we need those cheery dandelions.

    Apreciat de 1 persoană

    • Humble but… somehow aware of its brightness and shine too 🙂 So cheery, yes, and I realized, after posting yesterday evening, that I should have taken a wider angle photo too, of the „carpet” itself, yellow-spotted green all over between buildings and along alleys and pathways.

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  2. There was a Japanese TV series, one among many of that genre and that in the U.S. they got a version called Power Rangers, of a team of five defenders of the Earth. In one episode a protagonist asks a young woman her favorite flower and she says the dandelion because its humility, afterwards the protagonist discovers somebody has taken the appearance of the girl when she stomps on a dandelion and says „it is just a common flower.” It has been a strange May here too, for moments like summer and others like July, is nice that in its crazyness May gave you a carpet of dandelions, this month they are not common but a mystery ^^

    Apreciat de 1 persoană

    • Oh.. I was quite familiar with that series, The Power Rangers, we used to look for the figurines in shops. I remember Nick, the Fire energy, all gear in red : ) Yes, dandelions are a contradiction somehow, both royal and humble, in a cutely dignified manner. When I take close up photos of them they look so fuzzy and perfect, in all their bright yummy yellow details ^_^

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