De la roșu la alb…/ From bright red to cold white


“The most common form of despair is not being who you are.”
― Søren Kierkegaard


De la roșu la alb, curcubeu de cuvinte
nuanțe ascunse-n tăcere și-n aduceri aminte
palid, gândul alunecă pe-o petală, o umbră,
iar lumina atinge tot ce vrea să-se-ascundă

Lampadare în noapte pe un drum-rătăcire,
albă, ceața învăluie căutări și-amorțire…
doar în pulsul adânc, ca un miez ars de floare
se aude stins, roșu, pâlpâind, o suflare


From bright red to cold white, arching rainbow of days
pale hues deeply hidden within silent worn ways,
muted thoughts slowly gliding down a petal, a shade,
and the light softly touching all that’s shying away

Under lampposts at night on a sidewalk of dream,
white, the fog is enfolding every shimmer or gleam…
just within the deep pulse, like in burnt cores of flowers
there can be faintly heard, red, the flickering hours






2 gânduri despre „De la roșu la alb…/ From bright red to cold white

  1. Both colors always coexist to complement each other, in the West, I read once, red is blood and white is peace, but in the East red is love and white death. One could say that blood is an aspect of hearts too, and death is a lasting peace. In these petals I feel white as peace but I understand why you feel them, for that light or season, as cold. Thank you, Nicole.

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    • I do not take photos of white flowers much, only in May, when there are quite many of them, though mostly flower bushes or tree flowers then, less individual white flowers somehow. White to me feels expressionless, or inexpressive, blank. that is why I said cold. But I enjoyed reading about color symbolism in your comment, thank you too.

      Apreciat de 2 persoane

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