Moment cu Mărțișor…/ Early March Moment


“You can cut all the flowers
but you cannot keep Spring from coming.”
― Pablo Neruda


Univers floral decupat din fetru moale… combinații colorate fistichiu


Felt flowers fancy land… soft, colorful and cute


Primăvara cu același alb-roșu mărțișor…

amintind de speranță și frumos și lumină



Spring tokens with red and white thread…

….to remind us of hope and beauty and light 

Această prezentare necesită JavaScript.


“Hope is a waking dream.”
― Aristotle


O primăvară luminoasă!



Have a happy March!





6 gânduri despre „Moment cu Mărțișor…/ Early March Moment

  1. Beautiful art ~ creative, and your opening photo was so good I thought it was a cookie and my first thought was „boy, I bet that tastes good…” And then I read it is only felt 🙂 Wishing you a great weekend, Nicole. Take care ~

    Apreciat de 1 persoană

    • Yes, flower ornaments I made of felt 🙂 for the first days of spring here. Although… it does not feel or look like spring yet, it is still… in the oven, I imagine, warm sweet spring air 🙂
      Thank you, Dalo, a nice weekend to you too, and week.


    • The soft-looking ones are small flower ornaments that I made of felt, yes, for the early spring days here, despite the cold grey weather still. The angel and all the cute ones in the slideshow are metal pins that I liked much and bought from street vendors. 🙂 Glad you like them, Brian, thank you 🙂

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