Cute Quotograph… and stems



Tulpini de adevăruri
ca o căutare,
verde, delicat

Adiind a culoare,
a departe
și cald,
a umblet amestecat

Mă întreabă adesea
și umbra,
unde ți-e strălucirea

Îi răspund a murmur,
și petală
îți aprind devenirea


Stems of truths
like a search
green, delicately

Breezing of color,
of afar
and of warmth,
of steps wanderingly

Often they ask me,
the light
and the shade,
where is your shining

I tell them in a murmur,
and petal
rekindle your becoming


“You live out the confusions until they become clear.”
― Anaïs Nin 


Un ianuarie luminos și ușor!


A light and bright January ahead!





7 gânduri despre „Cute Quotograph… and stems

  1. „Îi răspund a murmur” this line shows the beauty of Romanian language, it sounds soft as if one would be lowering the voice from a middle „r” turning into a muted „mrmr” with closed lips. Freshness of green and morning in your poem and poetry, Nicole. Thank you.

    Apreciat de 2 persoane

  2. Your photos bring hope with a new year starting, a feeling of spring… and then you bookend this post with two great lines & emotions: the Anaïs Nin quote is the delicious mix of dreams and reality, and then your words: „I tell them in a murmur, snowflake and petal rekindle your becoming” is the action that brings it together. Love the way you write ~ and wish you a great start to the year of the rabbit, Nicole. Take care.

    Apreciat de 1 persoană

    • Thank you, Dalo, glad you enjoyed my early January mix of things. I do look forward to spring, as always, can’t wait, in fact. 🙂 Happy year of the Rabbit… that sounds cute, and hopefully it will be a better year than the Tiger of 2022, which although was my year as a sign, it was not so bubbly, so to say.


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