Galben de mijloc de mai… / May’s Golden Petals


„How wonderful yellow is. It stands for the Sun.”
Vincent van Gogh

“I am rooted, but I flow.”
Virginia Woolf


“When yellow lights struggle with blue shades in hairlike lines.”
Thomas Hardy, Tess of the D’Urbervilles


“We talked for hours. He talked and I listened.
It was like wind and sunlight. It blew all the cobwebs away.”
John Fowles

richly incandescent...

Viața în roșu și verde… / Red and green light


“If I could tell you about Red
I would sing to you of fire Sweet like cherries
Burning like cinnamon Smelling like a rose in the sun”
Dixie Dawn Miller Goode, Rainbows Around Us

Să inspirăm mult verde
să respirăm prin roșu

prin verdele din iarbă
și frunze
ard petale

culoarea din obraji
din inimă
și sânge


Let’s breathe in lots of green
to breathe out lively red

by the lush green of grass
and leaves
petals that burn

the glow of  rosy cheeks
the  warm heart
and the blood

Dacă verdele-ar putea vorbi
ar povesti

despre galbenul de soare
din sufletul lui
dansând albastru infinit

despre portocaliul cald
ivindu-i-se printre fibre…

și despre cum este să pulsezi


If green could talk
it would tell us the story

of yellow stars
in its heart
dancing infinitely blue

of orange
seeping through its veins

of how it feels to  throb



Un 8 Martie… colorat cu lalele


„Uneori mi se pare că nu ești femeie,  ci lumina care cade pe flori.”
Virginia Woolf, Valurile




“I think sometimes I am not a woman, but the light that falls on this gate, on this ground. I am the seasons, I think sometimes, January, May, November; the mud, the mist, the dawn.”
Virginia Woolf, The Waves