Arhive etichetă | autumn crocus

Buchet de lumină…/ Little bundle of light


“It was like a hand which had opened
and thrown suddenly upon her
a handful of sunbeams.”
― Victor Hugo, Les Misérables



Mi-au răsărit în cale azi dup-amiază… și mi-am zis, brândușe! Și galbene! Din senin!
Mi-au colorat frumos ziua de dincolo de-un gărduț rătăcit… micuțe, galbene, luminând liniștit.

Poate-mi voi face iar drum pe-acolo, să le surprind și-nflorirea.


I simply noticed them today, early afternoon… and I said to myself, autumn crocus! And yellow! Out of the blue like that? (or meadow saffron, and they say they bloom in autumn, well…)
They added color to my day, beautifully, from beyond a little fence along the pavement… tiny, yellow, shining silently.

I’ll try to go that way again, maybe to catch them in bloom. 


“A place in the sun, that’s what I am aiming for… and who could ever ask for more?’ -Columbine to Pierrot”
Ana Claudia Antunes, Pierrot & Columbine


“There are those who dance the notes and those who dance the music.”
Eva Ibbotson