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Frumusețea din frânt…/ There is beauty in broken


“You either love what’s broken or
you don’t love.”

― Marty Rubin


În frânt locuiește un ieri
prin forme sculptând fraged timpul,
pășind peste prag de tăceri
rostind neștiut anotimpul

Ca sunet de clopote-n soare
sau râset venind de departe,
alb îngerii cântă culoare
pe fiece petală în parte

Sunt vorbe ce-ndeamnă rostire,
blânde sau grele, menite
și clipe ce-nseamnă murire
purtând sclipiri infinite…


In broken there’s the beauty of yesterday,
of former designs molding time,
the beauty of a magical doorway
towards unthinkable chime

Like bells that ring through the air
or laughter sounding away,
the angels are painting a prayer
for withering petals each day 

As words are meant to be spoken,
mild or heavy, but dutiful,
some things are born to be broken,
bearing light beyond beautiful…


Provocare deosebită săptămâna aceasta pe blogul Dutch goes the Photo!, o temă specială ducând cu gândul la atât de mult. Și de multe. Rupt/e, întrerupt/e, năruit/e sau frânt/e, aripi, suflet, inimă sau speranțe, petale și tulpini… pur și simplu orice poate fi pus la un moment dat deoparte, uitat și chiar aruncat pe motiv că ar fi stricat. Spart sau atins cumva ireversibil, dincolo de orice posibil uz. Și totuși…

Frânt nu înseamnă neapărat și înfrânt. Fiecare frângere are și lumina ei.


Special challenge this week, on Dutch goes the Photo! blog, Tuesday Photo Challenge, Week 81 – Broken. Takes the mind to so many things and thoughts. Broken wings, soul, heart or hopes, petals and stems, glasses, windows… merely anything can be put aside at some moment, forgotten or discarded, given its apparent „brokenness”. Touched or affected irreversibly, beyond any apparent use. Still…

Broken may not necessarily mean beaten. Nor defeated. There can be light in broken, if there is patience enough to see it, sooner or later.  



My dear Phoenix


“There are times when a man has need of the open heavens
to compass his thoughts.”
Kathryn Worth, They Loved to Laugh


Acum un an, Draga mea Phoenix strălucea colorat și aprins, ca din eter.
Aripile păsării de foc… mereu întinse,  zborul… impetuos dar senin.
Călătoria… o ardere vie.


A year ago, today, My dear Phoenix was shining colorfully and bright… as if by magic.
The fire bird… nobly ablaze, its flight… fervent but serene.
The journey… the burning life.

through golden flutter it floats
soaring tenderly towards purple skies
on wings of thought it emerges
and cold it falls into deep seated highs
it gazes candidly forwards
with feathers of sun and of fire
and yields from softly burnt souls
foamy flames anew rising higher

it arrives, it alights, coming alive – awaited for a very long time
it appears, reborn from the burn, …from deep abrupt inner chime

pouring forever into dreamy eyes
it casts long gone sparks to the world
it puts a blaze upon smoldering cries
its song, the chant of a bird
the old giving birth to a new beginning
the past embracing the now
magic arising from earth through the air
from essence of time, ..sacred bow

it rushes, it climbs, from fire it surges – awaited for a very long time
it shows, reborn from the burn, …from deep abrupt inner chime

it touches my life with its velvety wing
caressing my heart in its flight
it dresses my soul like the words of a king
and heaves into the night
it travels abysmally, horizons and suns
smoothly revived from my dream
fading away into blue morning buds
to bear my blossom serene

it reaches, ascending from silence and ashes – awaited for a very long time
it flies, reborn from the burn, …from deep abrupt inner chime

t/here... and t/hence