Arhive etichetă | gold

Portocaliu de iulie, vrăjit rotunjit…/ Orange July, charmingly rounded



Iulie 2017 luminos și pufos. Încă este, cumva doar la o sclipire distanță, de gând, de cuvânt, de petală… și de pufos rotunjit Portocală, la umbră și cald de mijloc de vară.

Toate luminând un atunci și pentru un acum – deliciu de mijloc de toamnă, anotimpurile rotunjindu-și vrăjit clipele în spirală portocalie.


Shiny July 2017. And still is, somehow just a sparkle away, from a thought, a word, a petal…
or from a cute dear Orange rounded fluffily in the shade and the warmth of sweet midsummer days.

All luminous then for a luminous now, too, mid-autumn delight, seasons rounding off the edges of the days, going full circle charmingly, or like in a spiral made of moments. 


“The dove, as it flies in the sun, seems simply to sparkle like silver, but only one who has been able to wait at length to discover its hidden face will see its true gold or, rather, the color of a shining orange.”
― Umberto Eco, The Island of the Day Before


“In my head, the sky is blue, the grass is green and cats are orange.” 😊
― Jim Davis, In Dog Years I’d be Dead: Garfield at 25


Provocare portocalie și rotunjită, iar vrăjită… ca din vis verde de vară.


Put together for One Word Sunday – Orange at Debbie’s Travel with Intent and the Daily Post’s Weekly Photo Challenge – Rounded.

Always nice to be able to discover and highlight lovely links between beautiful things, past or present.




Ca și cum…/ As though


“Then she smiles, like it’s
the first time she’s seen sun
after a decade of winters.”
― Emma Cameron, Cinnamon Rain


Aur pe maluri, lila
în valuri

plimbare cuminte printre
petale de soare, sărut
în aer parfum plutind…
ca și cum

plimbare ca-n vis, sclipiri
maree de mine, trece
și vine
plimbare-ocean, plutire

prin aur pe maluri și lila în valuri…

tăceri de nisip, vii clipe
pe chip
plimbare-covor cu pașii
de drum, de acum, zâmbind…
ca și cum


Gold on the side of light purple

a walk full of play embracing
the day
petals of bright, a kiss made of
of smoothness and flow that rushes…
as though

a walk as a chime, light sparks
out of time
through rhythms of me, the earth
and the sea
a walk… like an ocean, a magical

gold on the sides, and light purple
in tides

on seashores of calm, the waves
like a balm
the walk… sunny rug, each step
in a hug
of softness and glow, sweet smile…
as though


“Okay, so maybe sometimes the real world is smiles and miracles.”
― Gary D. Schmidt, The Wednesday Wars