Arhive etichetă | golden

Mic, micuț, drăguț…/ Small is beautiful


“Only when we pay attention and notice small moments,
do we make the connections that lead to a change
in our perspective.”
― Andrea Goeglein


Fluturaș drăgălaș identificat minunat (noroc înnaripat, ce mai!), pe niște petale mov superbe… o combinație de raze săgeți, puțin crețe pe alocuri.

Aterizare precisă în vârf de petală și… bucurie mare, în plin soare de august, da!



Cute tiny butterfly noticed by lucky me (winged luck, what can I say!), on a splendid purple flower.. a swirl of petal rays like swords, a bit curly here and there.

Safe accurate landing on the tip of a petal, and… big joy, this small creature in full August sun, yes!


Și traseul parcurs de creatura mică dar minune… adevărată plimbare sărbătoare pe covor de polen. Un galben fabulos… am putut eu oare să-mi desprind privirea? Aparatul? Nu.


And the route taken by it… a truly happy walk along and across a carpet of fluffy pollen. Fabulous yellow… was I able to tear myself away from the whole scene slowly unfolding under my eyes? Camera? No.


Nu m-am putut opri din click pe fiecare mișcare miniatural fluturească pănă nu l-a scuturat o adiere mai hotărâtă. Nostim și cald să-l urmărești foind harnic, sau înfometat, sau… amândouă, concentrat în strălucirea aceea galben pufos… și probabil gustos.



I couldn’t stop clicking for each tiny cute butterfly miniature maneuver at all, ai least not until a kind of a more determined breeze shook its wings away. Funny and warm, to follow its peaceful fret down there, hardworking, or taking its lunch, or… both, engrossed in that savory yellow delight.



Următoarele două fotografii nu sunt deloc editate, lăsate exact așa cum le-a prins aparatul atunci.

Prima, pornit să traverseze minuscul pufoșenia aurie…


The next two photos are not edited at all, just as they were taken then only resized a bit for here.

The first, setting off on its little trip over the golden pollen splendor…


…și a doua, ajuns la un fel de capăt.


…and then, having reached the other side of it.


Iar aceasta a fost chiar prima fotografie, imediat de l-am observat. Cu telefonul.



And this was the very first take, as soon as I noticed it. Taken with my phone.


Mare minune mică pentru…


Small sweet wonder for…


Lens-Artists Photo Challenge #11: Small Is Beautiful




După care, am luat-o de la capăt…



After which, there I was again…




Gossamer „g”…/ Borangic cu fir de „g”


“Let us be grateful to the people who make us happy;
they are the charming gardeners
who make our souls
― Marcel Proust


August întâi… și cuvintele s-au repezit să mi se-așeze în mult „g”, în engleză. Fir de borangic, i-am spus, pentru că înșiruirea a fluturat ca mătasea luată de briză. Iar eu a trebuit să-i urmăresc zborul.

A început dintr-o dată, cu gândul fulguind printre…  good, great, gorgeous, grateful, graceful... apoi girl, guy… glance, glimpse, gaze… gnomes, goblins, genies… După care, garden. grass, gladiolus, geraniums… și tot așa… tobogan. După care mi-am spus, aici pare a fi ceva, nu glumă!  😊 Gândul a prins grai, și începând să scriu, s-a depănat grațios, firul mătăsos. Să fi tradus, aș fi obținut o cu totul altă poveste, bineînțeles. Și nu neapărat în „g”.

Cât despre videoclipuri, și-au găsit drum și ele, 😳 cumva grozav în lumea asta micuță a youtube-ului. Un Golden Retriever visător ascultându-și stăpânul gâdilind chitara/ ghitara în lumina minunat aurie (golden)  …iar apoi Ellie Goulding, Goodness Gracious. Ei bine, asta a fost jucăria. Hm, ghidușia!  🙂

Un august plăcut, vă doresc!


August 1st… and the words hurried to arrange themselves in much „g”. Gossamer, I called it, as it fluttered like a soft silky thread in the breeze, all day yesterday. And I just had to follow its flight.

It all started suddenly, with my thoughts ambling… good, great, gorgeous, grateful, graceful… and then girl, guy… glance, glimpse, gaze… gnomes, goblins, genies… After which, garden, grass, geraniums… so on and so forth, sliding cheerfully. So I thought to myself… hm, there seems to be something there, really! And starting to write, it all unfolded smoothly, the gossamer thread.

As for the videos, they found their way too, somehow great, in the small youtube world these days. 😊




In case you haven’t noticed the “g” in everything,
I dare you to gather
and guess…
the “g” is king!

And if you can’t see clearly its glitter, glint or glow
just catch a glimpse around..
in words and things

It glides through gleeful gardens,
beguiling smooth glimmer,
far galaxies it grapples
to grasp the stars’ soft shimmer

It giggles everywhere,
it grins at goblins’ glances
at genies, gnomes it gazes
with goddesses it dances

It’s good and grand, still goofy
and generous, genteel
it plays no games, no gimmick,
though gadgets are its deal

A gotta, gimme, gotcha
go get it… girl or guy,
no strings, no guarantees
good gracious and great vibes

Wise widgets, giddy granting
glad guests and ghastly ghosts,
it puts sunglasses on
and glares at the hosts

Sweet gestures or glum grimace,
or grumpy, guilty, greedy
astounding guts and grit
to get the nitty gritty

In genes, in germs, in gossip,
or grief and grudge and gloom,
a “g” conjures a gallery
and still allowing room

Geraniums on window sills,
grafitti walls, ingenious,
imagining their dialogue…
the gibberish of genius

A garland of sweet magic,
geometry of gems
or gear, guns, grim tragic
with bitter grinding stems

A garnish of sharp ginger
to give day’s groove its glaze,
it grows and gently grips
the gift and gain of grace

The grass and gusts of wind are greeted in a gala,
the golden glitz and glamour,
gigantic gods
and Gaia

Its gravity… a guide, the angels’ gate and guard,
the gospel, grail and gratitude
and glory…
deeply gnarled



Wonderful guitar, and so very cute Golden Retriever (called Maple). I just love the reflection of the trees in the guitar’s shiny surface, simply genial disposition in this video!! 😊

A lovely August to you all!




Cântec auriu…/ Golden song sweeping clean



Golden has to be the horizon…

golden as the sun rising clean,
with a silvery trimming,

bathing soft smiles through dream


Golden must be days waving softly…

golden as the soul of life,
with an orange embelishment,

bearing brightness through strife


And golden are to turn all the moments…

golden yielding brownish contours,
shining blissfully soothing

burning all my sorrows and yours


So golden is the crown of stars…

golden glowing yellow divine,
with a cinnamon fragrance

breathing through distance and time


Golden shower over the evening…

golden as the sun setting calm
singing shadows and splendor

balmy sweet song like a psalm



Auriu e aprins orizontul…

auriu ca zorii de zi,
cu o margine vie

scăldând zâmbet sclipind argintiu


Auriu este timpul ce trece…

auriu ca un mijloc de ceas,
lucind nuanțe aramă

strălucind bucurie în glas


Aurii se strecoară secundele…

aurii cu luciri catifea
curgând magic și moale

sculptând ziua, a mea și a ta


Și-aurie e coroana de stele…

aurie scânteind galben soare
cu aromă de cald

licărind a timp și a zare


Auriu răsturnat peste seară…

auriu din apus lucind calm
cântând umbre splendoare

mângâiere de nor ca un psalm


Poem and photos for

 One Word Sunday – Clean on Debbie’s Travel with Intent,

Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge – Letter O on Cee’s Photography


Și un pic de aromă de scorțișoară…  printre bomboane culoare și joc, toate asortate în litera „o.”


Also adding here that bit of… cinnamon flavor to my photo – poem post, ok? 😊


A cinnamon moment…  going round and round through a colorful assortment of bonbon frolic too…

…somehow lost and found by me today?! 🙂 

Lost because I first took the photos having forgotten the camera on a wrong setting for the lighting indoors, and found… obviously, because I had to take the same photos once again. 😊😊


Un sfârșit de săptămână și… început de iarnă frumos și savuros!


Wishing you all… savory nows, these days, first winter or summer days too!


Diafan de noiembrie…/ November delight


“Ô, Sunlight! The most precious gold to be found on Earth.”
― Roman Payne


“Listen to the trees talking in their sleep,’ she whispered, […]. ‘What nice dreams they must have!”
― L.M. Montgomery, Anne of Green Gables


Broderie delicată de aer și lumină…


Delicate embroidery of air and light…


Sfărșit de toamnă zâmbind printre frunze…  fluturând adiere de cald.


End of autumn  smiling in the leaves… fluttering breeze of much warmth. 


“Color is the melody of light.”
Joyce Wycoff


Liniște aurie,
cascadă de galben spulberând albastrul,
și ramuri de vis…
splendoare și șoapte

clipe ca dintr-un aproape aici…
strălucind de departe


Golden silence,
cascade of yellow exploding the blue,
and branches of dream…
splendor and sway

like seconds from a nearby here…
sparkling away



(originalul acestor versuri se numește Nuntire)

“The sky grew darker, painted blue on blue,
one stroke at a time, into deeper and deeper
shades of night.”
Haruki Murakami, Dance Dance Dance


the Sun and the Moon
looking down
o’er the world wing their crown

vaulting over star dew, serene
over wide blue never seen
across pure to azure, they dwell in deep-seated harmony
thoughts gliding from Pluto to nigh sailing Mercury

the Sun shines over the day and the Moon,
gazing down
the moon shines over the night
misty crown
the golden secret of two
over a blue me and you

for here, on Earth, you and I
bearing within us the sky
we dance away beneath whispering stars
trying to reach beyond rails and bars

wandering between Venus and Mars


And the original,  a year ago, today…  : )


…because sky is no limit.