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Nuanțe înstelate…/ Sunny hues, starry blues


“Red was ruby, green was fluorescent, yellow was simply incandescent.
Color was life. Color was everything.
Color, you see, was the universal sign of magic.”
― Tahereh Mafi, Furthermore


Provocare zâmbind culoare, săptămâna asta, în nuanțe… toate începând cu litera S.

Ocazie de soare splendoare… ca din albastru safir sau verde salvie, sosite aici în final de an, nuanțe sclipind în azuriu de vineri direct dn august de vacanță. Și nu numai.

Și de senin înstelat.



Cute fun challenge this week, colorfully, on Cee’s Photography blog,  CFFC- Letter S  (Colors that start with the Letter S – sepia, sea green, silver, sky blue, saffron, salmon, scarlet, steel blue).

I took it as a splendid occasion to play with the hues, as much as I could identify them correctly… sapphire or steel blue, sage green, sandy yellow, saffron, siam… flowing here, end of year days to land in this azure Friday right from August holidays. But not only.

Here they shine, in all their serene waltz. 



Sage green oleander leaves, with soft pink flower bouquets…


Sandy yellow and soft brown mix next to seafoam green waves, light turquoise…

…and sapphire blue depth.


More blue, sapphire, steel and silver

…morning steel blue sky and sparkles, afternoon sapphire waves, evening silvery ripples.


Then, sweet saffron flower bouquet, a cute yellow orange mix…

…saffron being that fine line of a hue caught between a darker kind of yellow and a lighter kind of orange?!  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯  😊😊


Or siam petals… (though siam, like saffron, did feel quite hard to decide on, as some hues… do seem to have their own hues too 😊).


And a sweet siam strawberry pendant that I have, in a nice necklace, never ceases to amaze me… its fabulous air. Cute, too.

I would even call this… a seizing or sizzling siam, definitely, well… a bit fabricating hue names, what can I say. 😊


I would have loved to have a siam sunset photo, which I do, but quite blurred. Still, instead, a sunset orange setting, dreams’ journey freely far far away…


Then silky cream fluff, so so tall… like I had never seen before!


O colecție cu aer… mozaic, nuanțe și iar nuanțe. De pași, de timp, de albastru…

Sper că v-a plăcut!

Săptămâna aceasta a fost cu și despre formă, culoare și stele, aranjate ele mister, chiar ca din eter, s-au potrivit. Și va mai fi puțin. Ultima zi din an, să sperăm… sclipire, contur și mult joc. Până atunci…

…zile de final de an frumoase, bucuroase… și dragi!



Well, it seems… quite a mosaic collection, air and blues, for this challenging post dressed in tricky hues. 

I hope you enjoyed it!

This week has been with and about shapes, colors and stars, falling miraculously in their place, like out of the same starry blue, they clicked.  And there will be a bit more too. The last day of the year, hopefully… Sunday sparkles, contours and purple playfulness. But until then…  

…wishing everyone beautiful end of year days, happy and sweet! 


Și o melodie satin… să întregească adierea curcubeu de mai sus.



Also a soft satin song… to match the beauty of the rainbow breeze above.




The Blue Strawberry…


Exact acum un an postam jucăuș originalul Căpșunii albastre. În limba română.
Între timp se pare că aceeași jucăușă căpșună m-a așteptat, cât a putut ea de liniștită, să.. îi dau glas. Din nou. Iar eu mi-am amintit de ea. 🙂

De parcă anul ce tocmai a trecut se rotunjește, într-un cerc de mult soare și nor, de multă lună și stele, într-o buclă temporală parcă.. ieșită din timp,
trăgându-mă de mâneca sufletului, ușor șifonat și înfrigurat, și șoptindu-mi.. a venit primăvara și iubirea plutește, în aer, pe străzi, în ochi strălucește..

…ca de final de.. început albastru de.. primăvară.

blue dream

spring has arrived and there’s love in the air
‘tis shining around, in her eyes, in his stare,
she told him she wished a day for them two
and he gave her instead a strawberry,


on her jacket he pinned it, caressing her hair
their souls as one soared high like a prayer
the stars and the moon rose peaceful and true
and her heart was no doubt a strawberry,


she can’t live without her strawberry …blue
it has already caught a slightly red hue
it is so full of brightness, of longing and sun
the strawberry …blue,

…two souls as one


You can also travel back in time and enjoy the Romanian version, playfully posted exactly one year ago today… 🙂  In the meantime, the same dear blue strawberry, full of so much heart, has been waiting for me patiently to voice her cheerful blush. Again. And I remembered.

As if this year, that seems to be rounding itself off in a circle of so much sun and cloud, deep moon and stars, in a temporal loop almost out of this world,
has drawn my attention whispering mildly.. spring has arrived and there’s love in the air, ‘tis shining around, in her eyes, in his stare..

…and celebrating the end of a blue spring’s ..beginning.

so.. light