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Litere cu dichis…/ Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge – CFFC (litera K) : )



Keying the deepening darkness and
knocking at the door of the Kingdom of dream,
kneeling the destiny’s harshness by
keeping its dazzling beam…

Kingly attire over the dusk and
kites of cloud through the days,
killing the dices delightfully slow by
kissing the delicate rays…


Cheie în noaptea adâncă
descuind ușile viselor,
genunchi atingând rece soarta dar
păstrând tainele clipelor…

Mantie soare peste amurg și
zbor de nor peste zare
sfârșind destinului jocul și
topind gând în visare…


Provocare cu litera K pe blogul Cee’s Photography, cu fotografii reprezentând orice minune sau frumusețe care conține „k” oriunde în cuvânt.

Și… m-am jucat. Cu cuvintele mai întâi, dar în partea a doua, jocul s-a tradus și prin… multe și mărunte cuvințele în limba engleză rotindu-l pe „k”. Ok? 😊


Such fun challenge on Cee’s Photography blog, I am happy to join. It nicely and playfully has to do with… letters! This week is all about K.

To begin with, I had to play with the words a bit, couldn’t help it. And once I started thinking of letter „k”, after „sky” and its flight, there was „kid”, after which the list really started to frolic, on and on before my eyes. Cascade of k-s in cute photos… funny playground and ride, beautiful gardens or meadows, any season, sun or snow.  😊  So…


First there was bark and trunk. And… park.


Then, lake? Both volcanic and glacial (Sfânta Ana and Bâlea Lakes, Romania). 😊


After that, let’s say… bucket, truck, stick and… birthday car cake?!


And then I remembered bike. And spring hike. Even… yellow summer kite! 😊😊


For winter, funnily flying snowflakes back then, and… fabulous skies again!


And last but not least, carving a pumpkin! : D So, also… knife?!


Not to mention, hide and seek?!


And now, thanking Cee Neuner for the cute challenge idea. Lovely weekly playful thing! 

Also adding cute kid and… kid? Thank you very much for that idea, too! A young goat here apparently not too interested in much kid-to-kid conversation that spring day. 😊😊


Of course, these photos were not taken with the photo camera I use these days (a Nikon 5300) but with  a small Kodak EasyShare. Still quite colorful photos, I’d say, slightly edited by me for this post. Thank you!


(The cute face should really stand for „kitten,” well… what is a garden without one? Though… unfortunately, no photo for that. There could have also been other nice playful things like skates, skis, car tracks, monkey cuddly toys, books, even picking grapes, but… no kitten photo, I’m afraid. Which I was a bit surprised to find out, to be honest. 🙂 )