Arhive etichetă | wind

Zburând căi…/ Winding breezes

“The breath of life is in the sunlight
and the hand of life is in the wind.”
― Kahlil Gibran, The Prophet


Dintr-un puf de păpădie
au țășnit stele o mie
și-au pornit nenumărate
zburând căi întortocheate…

au călătorit minune
atingând un ochi de lume,
un abis, o căutare,
alb de lună, rod de soare,
suflet, inimă fierbinte
respirând doar clipe sfinte
aer moale și culoare
vis aievea, sărbătoare
bucurie și durere
slăbiciune și putere…

Lacrima nevinovată
ca o undă minunată
și-a croit drum spre lumină
din pământ prin rădăcină,
a urcat a mult albastru
rătăcind drumul spre astru
picurând geană, obraz
în mărgele de topaz…

printre degete de nor
printre freamăte de dor
printre vuiete de minte
din tăcere și cuvinte
prin felii de-ntunecare
viu suspin și vindecare…

Cântec, soare, simfonie
dintr-un puf de păpădie…


From soft dandelion fluff
stars exploded in a puff
and they soon began ascending
winding breezes never ending…

and they floated like a wonder
touching realms torn asunder,
depths of days, blue highs, green lows
greeting every gust that blows
soul and heart of April, May
breathing only heavens’ sway
mild dance and inspiration
flight so far, a celebration
joyous laughter, tender longing,
wistful calling and responding…

Tears’ crystal, clear and pure
like a ripple’s calming cure
made its way towards the light
from the earth’s roots’ bitter night,
climbing steps of fog and sky
finding sunny ways on high
drifting long on cheeks and lashes
weeping pale filmy dashes…

through seeds’ fingers’ pearly brushes
through kind eyes’ inquiring rushes
through the mind’s roaring noise
to the silence and the poise,
through the darkness’ rueful slices
soothing sigh and balmy brightness…

Song and sun caress enough
from sweet dandelion fluff…



Provocare plutitoare marțea aceasta,


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Galben de mijloc de mai… / May’s Golden Petals


„How wonderful yellow is. It stands for the Sun.”
Vincent van Gogh

“I am rooted, but I flow.”
Virginia Woolf


“When yellow lights struggle with blue shades in hairlike lines.”
Thomas Hardy, Tess of the D’Urbervilles


“We talked for hours. He talked and I listened.
It was like wind and sunlight. It blew all the cobwebs away.”
John Fowles

richly incandescent...

You can…


you can run high above mountains and trees

…so close to the sun that you may feel its breeze


you can swallow all-in the springs in your veins

… to feel their soft  murmur inside your brains


you can, with your forehead, the sad clouds caress

… to rain or to snow, feeling all the distress


you can vibrantly wear the grass and the flowers

…always carry within the colours, the bowers


you can deeply inhale the wind and the gales

…eternally wander the waters, the dales