7 gânduri despre „sense of wonder

    • Thank you, dear Francis, I’m happy you say that because I wanted it to look like that, like light would shine right through. But surely, the photo is edited to make it a bit brighter, more luminous and transparent. n.n


      • The important is that it conveys the spirit of what we see, besides it is so little that when we focus with our eyes closer actually we make it brighter in our minds so I would say this is true to what I would see. ^_^


        • Yes, that is so true, I feel that too but not so sure how to express it, in a way. The fact that the real thing is one thing, while the feeling (the personal way of seeing, experiencing it) is another… so in a photo, wishing it would be true to what I saw, meaning what I felt when looking at it, the spirit of it, exactly. It is really like that, Francis, because the way I remember the angel is as in the edited photo, though the room, or hall in which I took it was actually darker, less see-through, so interesting. This whole dance between these a bit gives me the feeling that I create the world in or with my mind and heart, like a painter, not that it would be a given thing already, and that is a nice feeling, of freedom. \*-*/ Hm… in a way, by writing this answer I somehow tried to explain it to myself. /^^/
          And… something dear here for you, taken at the beginning of the year, mid January, the same period that I took the angel photo, with the new Nikon. 😊😊


          • Thank you for such huge hugs /n_n/ i would like to say that WordPress knows when a gesture is big but actually is because the format, in the main page the format is cut by the right menu with the table of categories, last posts and others, here there is not that limit so the image got bigger. Thank you! ^^


            • And thank you for the explanation, yes, I felt that was the case, remotely, and you put it into words clearly and nice. Technical stuff made poetry, by Francis.R. ^^/ (I think… fluffy, but not huge enough, the wp cuddly bear hugs /n.n/ 😊)


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